Joint polls in 2010? (30-11-06)

HARARE - The ruling Zanu (PF) party's 10 provincial chairpersons are expected to vote on the planned merger of the presidential and parliamentary election timetable in 2010 during the party's forthcoming conference.
The ruling party is currently polling people on whether they are agreeable to the

idea of holding joint polls in 2010.
Midlands province has already endorsed the proposal. At least six provincial chairpersons will have to vote in favour of the postponement of the presidential election timetable to 2010 if the resolution is to be adopted by the ruling party.
There is guarded optimism that the election merger will be endorsed amid reports that powerful faction leaders angling for power in the party are vehemently opposed to the idea of postponing parliamentary elections, due in 2008.
A surprise declaration by Zanu (PF) chairman John Nkomo that he wanted President Mugabe’s job has also fuelled apprehension in the ruling party, amid whispers about the implication of the Speaker’s open declaration on the shift in the power matrix in Zanu (PF). – Own correspondent

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