Pro-Mugabe SABC under fire (23-11-06)

JOHANNESBURG - The South Africa public broadcaster, SABC, has come under fire for propping up the image of the Zanu (PF) regime by keeping silent on Zimbabwe human right abuses while singing the praises of Robert Mugabe.
At an Open House seminar organized by the Institute for Advancement of Journ

alism to discuss a report produced by Media Institute for Southern Africa and Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition on SABC coverage of the 2005 Zimbabwe parliamentary elections, it was noted that SABC was “churning out Zanu (PF) propaganda”.
The report came just a day before the Freedom of Expression Institute staged a public demonstration at SABC Auckland Park premises against censorship. The SABC is accused of stifling the views of the people by blacklisting certain individuals from commenting on their programmes.
“Most of the SABC coverage was partisan and uniformed and they ignored many issues,” said one of the compilers, Piers Pigou. The SABC also chose to ignore the violence and rigging which took place during the elections and portrayed the oppositon MDC negatively.
Elinor Sisulu, the Media and Advocacy Manager at Crisis who was one of those blacklisted by the broadcaster, said she was disheartened that the SABC failed to cover Operation Murambatsvina.
Some one million Zimbabweans rely on SABC for information on Zimbabwe.
A source close to the SABC said, “There is a section of SABC who support Mugabe and the regime is viewed as sacred cow.” – By our correspondent

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