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Vigil supporters banging for freedom
LONDON - The Vigil ended with a bang this week. At 6 pm (8 pm Zim) we banged a pot as loudly as we could for two minutes in solidarity with similar protest actions back home. "Our pot is empty. Food, food. We are hungry. Come and feed from empty pl

ates,” was the message. Passers-by were confronted by our new poster.
This litany of distress was underlined by the Archbishop of Bulawayo, Pius Ncube, who visited the UK this week and seemed despondent at the lack of international will to deal with Zimbabwe.
The Vigil’s mission is to alert the world to the crisis in Zimbabwe. Our supporter Sue from Tunbridge Wells, with the support of her MP, Sir John Stanley, is the latest to challenge the British government to do more to resolve the situation. She was told by the government, “At this stage we judge that insufficient members of the United Nations Security Council would be prepared to support such a referral.” This was in response to a request that Mugabe should be arraigned before the International Criminal Court. South Africa is one of the African non-permanent members of the Security Council, along with Ghana and Congo-Brazzaville, and our efforts will be focused on reminding them of their obligations.
This week the Vigil and the Zimbabwe Central London Forum sent letters to African members of the UN Human Rights Council asking them to raise a motion against human rights abuse in Zimbabwe at the 3rd session of the UN Human Rights Council at the end of November. These letters will be followed by telephone requests to meet their diplomatic representatives to discuss this.
For this week’s Vigil pictures: THE RECORD: 61 signed the register.

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