Warrant out for Chiukira

HARARE - The Military Intelligence Directorate this week ordered the arrest of an army captain accused of supplying intelligence to the man charged with plotting to assassinate President Robert Mugabe.
The Intelligence Directorate issued a warrant of arrest against the fugitive Captain Alfred Ch

iukira after he failed to turn up at the General Court Martial for sentencing following his conviction on two counts of treason.
The warrant of arrest has been faxed to all exit points.
“A warrant of arrest is hereby immediately issued against Captain Alfred Chiukira. His bail amount is restricted or forfeited to the state provisionally in case he shows up and convinces this court on why he was not present today,” a Court Martial judge ruled Monday. “I also order that this warrant of arrest be immediately faxed to all immigration offices at every border post between Zimbabwe and its neighbouring countries and at all airports saving the republic of Zimbabwe,” he ordered.
Chiukira was arrested last March in connection with the discredited arms cache case after allegations that he had worked with Peter Hitschmann, who is on trial on allegations of plotting to kill Mugabe.
Except for Hitschmann, all the other defendants, including MDC activists, were acquitted as the State failed to sustain the charges in court.
Despite protesting his innocence, Chiukira was held in detention for six months at KGVI barracks without being court-martialled. He reportedly escaped from the barracks just before his trial opened.
An unconfirmed report suggested he had skipped the border to neighbouring Mozambique. – Own correspondent

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