Wholesale looting by top police officers

HARARE - Several corrupt Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) senior commanders looting their departments of state resources and precious assets have been identified.
Investigations by CAJ News this week revealed that several top police commanders, including the Cr

iminal Investigations Department (CID) Officer Commanding for Harare Central, Senior Assistant Commissioner Stephen Mutamba and his co-accused Assistant Commissioner Justice Chengeta allegedly paid the sum of Z$2000 (about US$14) and Z$1000 (about US$7) respectively for a 406 Peugeot and an Almera luxury car.
Chengeta’s Almera is red and has less than 20 000 kilometres of mileage. ZRP spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena has reportedly paid Z$1020 (US$7.01). In Zimbabwe today this sum buys two loaves of bread.
Besides the two top police commanders, CAJ News believes there are 124 other assistant commissioners and 33 senior assistant commissioners throughout Zimbabwe, who bought the force’s expensive cars at a giveaway prices of less than Z$2000 each.
One senior assistant commissioner, who is among police chief staffs confirmed to CAJ News that the organization had adopted this dangerous policy to please its high ranking officers.
“One day the junior officers and constables will arrest us for what is happening in the police department. These senior guys are also stealing pistols and ammunition from the armoury and reselling the firearms and ammunition at exorbitant prices to private firearms dealers,” said the officer, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation.
Another Chief Superintendent based at the Police General Headquarters said the finance section had been incapacitated by the overwhelming influence from above.
“My friend, go to Morris Depot, Thomlison, and Chikurubi canteens and see for yourself. These canteens now have empty shelves. The police beer outlets have not been spared either.All the money that is generated is not ploughed back into business but is chanelled towards the pockets of individuals,” said the officer.
Asked to comment on the goings-on in the ZRP, the Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi, said the internal purchases of vehicles and other small items were done above board.
Sources also allege that minister Kembo Mohadi, who is also the Beitbridge Member of Parliament (MP), has been given a Mercedes Benz by police commissioner Augustine Chihuri in order to buy his support.
Asked to comment, Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka just said: “Phone Bvudzijena, I am only a runner,” before switching off his cell phone. – CAJ News

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