Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 11th November 2006

LONDON - Today was the Lord Mayor's Show - an age-old procession through the city which drew many people into London to witness the pageantry. It was also Armistice Day remembering those who have died in wars to defend freedom. We at the Vigil bought red poppies to wear to honour in addi

tion our own heroes of the struggle for liberation in Zimbabwe.
Vigil Co-ordinator, Evelyn, always a bundle of dynamism, made a passionate appeal to our Zimbabwean women to ratchet up the protest. She believes that women are the key to change. Evelyn joined the other Vigil co-ordinators, Rose and Dumi, at a meeting at our friendly local pub afterwards which discussed how the Vigil was doing and the way forward.
Ephraim Tapa, head of the MDC UK and a long-time Vigil supporter, outlined our plans to spread the Vigil to other centres. He said we’d been invited to send representatives to Germany to help them get started.
Supporters who attended this week’s Zimbabwe Forum were given an authoritative overview of the situation by the MDC acting Treasurer, Elton Mangoma, who was on a brief visit to the UK. We were interested to hear that moves were underway to discuss MDC reunification.
Mangoma was encouraged by the level of support the party had received in the recent rural elections, despite the usual Zanu (PF) intimidation. He said the party was desperately short of money and was looking to the diaspora for help. “We are accused of being Blair’s puppets but we get nothing,” he said. For this week’s Vigil pictures: http://uk.msnusers.com/ZimbabweVigil/shoebox.msnw. FOR THE RECORD: 51 signed the register.

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