1.4 million need food aid

BULAWAYO - The United States-based Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWSNET) says at least 1.4 million people in Zimbabwe are in urgent need of food aid between now and the next harvest in April.
"As the hunger season peaks, household food access is under increasing stress, particularly in th

e south. At least 1.4 million rural people need food assistance until the green harvest begins,” says FEWSNET.
“The most vulnerable households are those with orphans, the elderly and/or a chronically ill family head or member, as well as mobile households and those with no current livelihoods or alternative coping mechanisms,” the report adds.
Last season, Zimbabwe harvested about 1.2 million tonnes of grain resulting in the Harare authorities importing a further 700 000 tonnes to cover a national shortfall. – ZimOnline

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