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HARARE - The MDC has taken the political lead in 2007 by unveiling a comprehensive agenda of novel activities for change in 2007. Party President, Morgan Tsvangirai, is on the road for his update on the extent of the changing and deepening crisis. Every member of the National

Standing Committee is responsible for an area in the 2007 Change Agenda.
New Zimbabwe Series – The first topic attracted a full house of NGOs, academics, diplomats, activists and members of the public. Addressed by Economists John Robertson and Peter Robinson the meeting was chaired by Professor Gordon Chavunduka.
Robertson detailed the importance of ‘Property Rights’ if Zimbabwe is to move forward – no matter who comes to power after Mugabe. He emphasised how impossible it would be to get the support required for investment for the reconstruction of our country without these guarantees.
Robinson is now part of the team working on the framework for a post-Mugabe reconstruction programme by the Zimbabwe Institute. He outlined the team’s inclusive complex strategy to get the country off its knees onto its feet.
All Night Prayer Meeting – The Christian Alliance ‘Save Zimbabwe Campaign’ last week organised the 2nd ‘All Night Prayer’ meeting at Borrowdale Neighbourhood Church. A male support team of Rev Berejena and Jonah Gokova came with a vibrant pastor who gave an inspirational sermon. The format of the prayer was an education for me. It was disciplined, professionally handled, a building block in the DRC process and Change, with grassroots women in the lead.
There were enlightening procedures and pronouncements which forced me to reflect on the just, tolerant, democratic and inclusive Zimbabwe we want.
Kuwadzana Rally 2007 – The Organising Department’s 2007 programme following the 2006 structures’ audit for Party preparedness for the DRC started with a bang in Kuwadzana district. Attending as National Executive Committee (NEC) member supervising Harare Province I was part of the more than 25,000 present. Harare Province with 14 seats in Parliament holds the largest number of MDC Parliamentary seats. The Kuwadzana Rally was one of the party’s most empowering, exciting, best-organised and largest constituency rally so far.
The National Organising Secretary, Elias Mudzuri, took the constituency through the disgusting conditions they live in, of flowing raw sewerage, uncollected refuse, lack of water, electricity cuts and numerous other Makwavarara-imposed deprivations. His question to the rally was ‘where on earth do people pay for nonexistent services as Zimbabweans do?’ He requested of the crowd that in 2007 we change our accommodating attitude in the face of unprecedented abuse by the Mugabe regime. The DRC programme is a concrete programme to bring change quickly.
The Secretary General Tendai Biti included statistics which shocked the crowd as he spelt out the death toll under Ian Smith during the entire armed struggle where the figure of dead is put at 20 000.
Today, Biti stated, we are burying 4 000 people a week which is 208 000 a year. These figures tell us how our numbers are diminishing at an unprecedented pace. He spoke about the new life expectancy age heavily reduced by Mugabe’s policies and analysed Gono’s excesses on personal expenditures to match the national budget. Biti asked the rally if Gono is now God.

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