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LONDON - In what they are calling the rejuvenation of the Zimbabwean struggle the militant pressure group Free-Zim Youth has launched the "Africa liberate Zimbabwe"campaign.
The activists implemented the first stage of a series of campaigns labelled the Long March in London recently by marching

to the embassies of several SADC member states and presenting a document on the betrayal of the revolution by the Zanu (PF) regime and mock coffins depicting the death of democracy and human rights in Zimbabwe.
The march was aimed at putting pressure on SADC troika, which has been mandated to probe the Mugabe regime to uphold SADC democratic protocols and principles and to foster stability in the failed state.
The march was supported by Luwezi Kinshasa (from the DRC), Secretary General of the African Socialist International, Explo Nani Kofi (from Ghana) of the African Liberation Support Campaign and Andrew Mwangura, Programme Coordinator of the Seafarers’ Assistance Program based in Kenya.
Luwezi said the crisis was an African problem and needed an African resolution.
He expressed the vital need for ordinary Zimbabweans to work with their ordinary African counterparts(Socialist Movements, Trade unions, civil societies)who should be the catalyst to influence their Governments and repeated that’s how the White majority rule was swiped off in the whole continent.
Explo Nani Kofi called for reform of the African Union (AU) and SADC which had been “hijacked by dictators and capitalists who are undermining ordinary Africans civil liberties”.

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