CIO confiscates more radios

HARARE - At least 42 radios are reported to have been confiscated by state security agents in rural areas, allegedly to stop people listening to independent radio broadcasts. Several teachers are said to have fled some schools while others have been sent on forced leave as a

result of intimidation and harassment in the Midlands and Mashonaland East areas. The radios were distributed to several groups, especially teachers, to form radio listening clubs in remote areas to allow people to listen to independent news broadcasts from outside Zimbabwe.
Raymond Majongwe, the Secretary General of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) said: “I know for a fact that government agents are visiting schools and basically looking for the radios as well as getting specific information about those people who belong to the PTUZ.”
Majongwe said state agents were forcing the teachers to provide their family histories to intimidate them. He said radios are being confiscated and unspecified action is threatened to those teachers who don’t hand them over.
It’s also reported that several teachers have also fled Mashonaland East. The Governor of Mashonaland East, Ray Kaukonde, was seen on national television threatening people who had received radios. Majongwe confirmed seeing the governor saying the people should be given food and not radios. Kaukonde was not available for comment but Majongwe said: “The issue is not about food it’s about access to information.”- SW Radio Africa

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