CIO revolt looming(24-01-07)

By Trick Mupondagarwe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe's dreaded storm troopers, the Central Intelligence Organisation are reportedly frustrated over their minuscle salaries at a time when they are battling dissenting voices against Mugabe and keeping him out of harms way.


Intelligence sources told The Zimbabwean that a rebellion was in the brew as the intelligence officers mostly junior want their salaries and allowances reviewed in line with the breadline currently pegged at above $300 000 per month for a family of six. Investigations by this paper reveal that the lowest paid CIO agent earns a paltry $120 000 which is easily chewed up by transport costs alone.

“There is a growing chorus of disdain among the low ranking officers,” sources said. ‘Their concern is that they’re earning peanuts, as compared to the senior officers who rake anything between $2-$5million. Apart from that the top brass enjoys numerous benefits such as cheap car loan schemes and travelling with the presidential party for overseas trips while sidelining the junior or new recruit officers.” The CIO has been known to be ruthless and merciless towards staunch critics of Mugabe’s iron-feast rule. One of the most feared operative is Joseph Mwale who to date walks scott-free despite brutally murdering an opposition activist two years ago.

The CIO is also now pervading bereaucratic institutions thus becoming a law unto itself. Their presence in Zimbabwe’s governmental institutions continues to grow, with an agent planted at every key organisation. Effort to seek comment from CIO minister, Didymus Mutasa proved fruitless as he kept ignoring his phone.

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