Governor Gono’s Benz


LONDON - The Governor of the Reserve Bank, Gideon Gono, has circulated a lengthy statement to various local and international news organisations and websites, excluding The Zimbabwean, graciously forgiving

staff at The Standard newspaper for apologising to him and praising their journalistic courage. “No sweat,” he says magnanimously.
This follows that paper’s retraction in its latest issue of the report about the governor’s new luxury vehicle. The Zimbabwean was not invited, as were staff of The Standard, to view or ride in the car. So we have to take their word for it that the car is in fact a Mercedes Benz S600 V12, and not a Mercedes Benz Brabus E V12. And according to the governor it cost only US$138 000 instead of US$365 000.
We hereby set the record straight and apologise to the governor for our initial, incorrect report.
As stated in our initial report, we did try to contact him for comment but he was unavailable. His cell phone went unanswered. At no time has he, or any of his staff, attempted to contact us regarding this matter. We have been made aware of his threats through advertisements and statements to various other media.

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