Hungry Zims seeks Moz jobs

BEIRA - Hundreds of hungry Zimbabweans from the eastern province of Manicaland are reported flocking to the Mozambican port city of Beira in search of jobs foodstuffs no longer available in their once prosperous country.
The once proud and prosperous Zimbabweans have become a l

aughing stock in southern Africa. In the 1980s Zimbabweans used to laugh at Mozambicans and Zambians who crossed into their country to buy goods that were expensive or not available in their own countries.
Now it’s the other way round. Zimbabweans never thought they would be in this situation and today they are seen as a nuisance by their neighbours whose economies have recovered owing to economic reform, political stability and investor confidence.
Tourism in now booming in Mozambique and the country is expected to earn US$150 million this year. The excellent beaches attract thousands of western and African tourists every year.
Mozambique might also benefit from the influx of tourists during the world cup in 2010 in South Africa because of its investor-friendly policies.
The former Portuguese colony has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. Farai Mudzuri, a Zimbabwean working in Beira, says hundreds of Zimbabweans arrive every day to look for menial jobs.
“I have seen people who were teachers in Zimbabwe who now work as security guards here because some companies pay in American dollars,”said Mudzuri, who once worked as a clerk at a Harare law firm.
He says he will not return to Zimbabwe until Mugabe goes.
“That man has ruined our beautiful country. I would rather be a slave here in Mozambique than to go back to starve in Zimbabwe.”
Two weeks ago the South African press reported that hundreds of Zimbabwean border jumpers risk being mauled by lions at the Kruger National Park trying to enter South Africa illegally.

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