Internal dissent re Mugabe 2010 election

HARARE - The governing Zanu (PF) party has set the last week of March as the time the Central Committee will meet to adopt the resolution to postpone presidential elections from 2008 to 2010.
The Zimbabwean heard that the Politburo would meet prior to the Central Committee meeting, marking the fi

rst meeting of the decision making body following the Goromonzi National People’s Conference held last month.
Zanu (PF) insiders said there was massive lobbying for “synchronization” through the shortening of the Parliamentary term by two years. This effectively means the country would go to the polls in March 2008 to cast both the Parliamentary and Presidential ballot. Parliament’s current term is expected to end in 2010 and the Presidential term in 2008.
Zanu (PF) was attempting to postpone the presidential elections so that they coincide with the parliamentary elections in 2010.
But there is disquiet in the ruling party over this issue amid reports that certain faction leaders are staunchly opposed to any attempts to extend Mugabe’s mandate.
The issue of the harmonisation of elections was agreed by eight out of the country’s 10 provinces during the ruling party’s national conference.
But political developments over the past month have resulted in a change of positions, sources said. Both factions of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change and their partners in the Save Zimbabwe Campaign have vowed to challenge the extension through massive popular demonstrations.
Zanu (PF) spokesman Nathan Shamuyarira said the central committee would also discuss other resolutions from the conference, such as mining reforms and proposed indigenisation laws. – Own correspondent

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