Police seize sani pads

HARARE - Police are refusing to release 81 packets of sanitary pads valued at Z$129,200 impounded at a roadblock along the Bindura highway last month, saying because they fear the pads are poisoned and are aimed at harming the reproductive health of peasant farmers.
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ked the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), which sourced the pads from and NGO, Action for Southern Africa.
The sanitary pads were seized en route to Docking Farm in Concession were they were to be distributed to farm workers.
Police manning a search and seize operation along the Harare/Bindura Highway stopped a car belonging to the General Agricultural and Plantation Workers Union of Zimbabwe (GAPWUZ), an affiliate of ZCTU, and seized the pads alleging that former commercial farmers had poisoned them.
Police allegedly took the sanitary pads to the police station and later forwarded them to the Ministry of Health for “inspection.”
Repeated efforts by GAPWUZ to recover them have so far been fruitless. The police have also raided GAPWUZ offices in Mvurwi where they again seized 189 packets of sanitary pads with a market value of Z$302,400; which they claimed, were also poisoned.
“There exists no tangible proof, which shows that the pads were ‘poisoned’,” said an NGO spokesman. “It is a ploy by the government to smear and disregard the good works being done by NGOs.”

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