Riot Police Flood Masvingo Town in anticipation of A Teachers’ strike 23-01-07

Hundreds of riot police have been flooding Masvingo urban for the past two days in anticipation of a techers' strike. In a show of force riot police paraded their anti-riot vehicles yesterday morning moving in the urban and residential places with full b

lown sirens. Residents were taken by surprise by such a move. Riot police have mantained their presence at the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe provincial office (housed at ZCTU) since yesterday. Four police officers interrogated workers at the offices about the whereabouts of PTUZ leadership in general and the president in particular. They also revealed that they wanted to inquire about the impending strike. As teachers withdrew their pathetic and paltry amounts today, they were greeted by the riot police in full gear and read for action. PTUZ wants to make it categorically clear that no amount of force can stop an idea whose time is up. When the real winds of life blow teachers will make a point. Teachers’ demand for $3000 000 per month is legitimate and the sooner the powers that be understand this the better. PTUZ also condemns the current demonisation of teachers by police and government officials. Several teachers have been harassed by security agents on allegation that the radios given by the union are sources of subversive material while many others have appeared in courts on false allegations of denigrating President Robert Mugabe.All what teachers are asking for is living salary as they are not volunteers but workers playing a vital cog in the development of the nation.

Takavafira Zhou – president


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