SA artist blasts Mugabe

Tricks Mupondagarwe
South African Afro rock sensation, Johnny Clegg, has castigated President Robert Mugabe’s iron grip rule and stay in power. The South African musician places the autocratic Mugabe into his firing line in his latest album, One Life released la

st year. Clegg has no kind words for Mugabe whom he takes to the political cleaners in the song entitled, The Revolution will eat its children (anthem for uncle Bob) on his 17-track release. The suggestion in the song is that Mugabe has succumbed to last and obsession of power, and that it would be better for the ailing revolutionary to step down gracefully. Cleggs expresses exasperation over the worsening political and socio-economic situation in Zimbabwe, a country he once lived in the early days of his life and at the time in a burgeoning economic state. The musician join a host of other South African artists who have lambasted Mugabe’s rule in their music, a case in point being Kwaito star Mzekezeke. The masked artist last year sent tongues wagging with hit Ubani uMzekezeke (Who is Mzekezeke) in which he lampoons Mugabe. For producing the damning work, Mzekezeke’s music was banned forthwith from Zimbabwe’s radio and the artist himself together with another musical colleague DJ Cleo were blacklisted from performing in the country. Other tracks contained herein on Cleggs new release include among others Daughter of Eden, Jongosi, Makhabeleni, Thamela-Die son Trek water, Utshoni obulele and Bull heart. Utshoni obulele refers to a Zulu proverb meaning ‘That dry dead grass is made young and green by fire’ and also refers to how every dark or painful incident in our lives has a positive aspect.

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