‘Sinister rigging plot’ – MDC

HARARE - Zanu (PF) plans to gain an advantage ahead of the August council elections through the changing of boundaries to include farms close to towns and cities, it has been established.
Sources within the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission said this week that the decision has alr

eady been made for the delimitation of boundaries in towns and cities, a move which the opposition parties have blasted as a clear ploy to rig the elections.
“There will be the delimitation of boundaries ahead of the elections and this will effectively see the broadening of constituencies,” a source said. “Most of the farms close to towns and cities will be included as constituencies and people staying there will vote during the council elections.”
The battle to control urban councils has been one of the political boiling pots in the country and the August polls will be crucial in the power dynamics between the ruling party and the opposition.
Zanu (PF) hopes to gain a cushion over the opposition through beneficiaries of the land reform programme whom it believes are among its dwindling support base.
Both factions of the opposition MDC condemned the planned change of boundaries as a sinister rigging plot. The little-represented Democratic Party (DP) also blasted the plans but went further to reiterate the call for boycott of elections.
“It is the same story of Zanu PF planning bogus elections, which have predetermined outcomes,” DP leader, Wurayayi Zembe said. “The changing of boundaries is the regime’s old trick to rig the elections. But as DP we have maintained our position that all opposition parties must not participate in bogus elections.”

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