Tanzanian says MAG will act on Zimbabwe.

President Jakaya Kikwete commit on pushing for a resolution to the Zimbabwean crisis.



As part of their Africa Liberate Zimbabwe platform the militant pressure group Free-ZimYouth cornered Tanzanian President He Jakata Kikwete on their move towards the political and economic meltdown in Zimbabwe since they are responsible for the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security.

Whilst addressing and outlining his vision to members of the diplomatic core and business investors at the prestigious Chatham House in London on how Tanzania was principled on growth and tackling poverty in Africa and enjoying
the consistent growth of more than 5 per cent a year, but a third of the population live below the poverty line.
And also outlined the importance of building a more meritocratic and accountable public service, from Ministers to village officials.

The event which was also addressed by the UK Secretary of State for International Development Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP under the theme Development in Africa: Transforming the Public Service.

Wellington Chibanguza of Free-Zim Youth took the opportunity of question time to ask President Kikwete “Comrade president you talk about transparency and accountability in reforming Public sector and government to counter corruption and reflect democratic growth, as you are currently chair of SADC organ of politics and security how transparent and accountable are you in addressing oppression and repression and challenges being faced in sub-Sahara for example Zimbabwe”.

In respond President Kikwete said “That’s a hard question,the situation is a serious one and really needs a solution.Really need to do something to help the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe,but we don’t deal like what the West do in dealing with issues on the media but SADC will do something to save suffering Zimbabweans”

This follows with some reports two weeks ago of some SADC member states who are advocating for a Ministerial Action Group (MAG)to probe the Mugabe regime.

Commenting on the event Alois Mbawara of Free-ZimYouth said

“Their is no doubt that if we don’t corner and put pressure on the mandated SADC troika/Ministerial Action Group (MAG) they will use it is a smoke screen to wash their hands off Zimbabwe.It is not silly at all as some people might see it what we are going,confronting SADC leaders and saying to them solidarity with the majority black Zimbabweans.They have said they will act on Zimbabwe well will manage the initiative till we see something practical.

“But again we Zimbabweans have to revise our strategies it seems their is a collision of Ideologies in how to push Zanu PF out of office,why?Comrades the idea of us Zimbabweans trying to use investor confidence as a political strategy does not work and has not worked,Mugabe is using the African card and we also need to engage in the same strategy so as to get Africans on our side but if we are putting all our political muscles on fighting in Elections and filing court cases on a legal framework which we are saying is corrupt and on a process we are crying a series of a tripetate election this will kill the momentum of ordinary suffering Zimbabweans have in restoring sanity.

I strongly believe the strategy to push Mugabe out is something that needs to be debated at National level and is a duty for every ordinary Zimbabwe and fellow African counterparts.Their is more strategic ingredients that needs to be harnessed before people go into street.

Brilliant Pongo says:

“My own view is President Kikwete’s statement to say That’s a very difficult one,shows African leaders are divided on Zimbabwe.But their is no doubt that Tanzania is benefiting alot from the crisis since it is being seen as one well developed and democratic Southern African country.Having all our high skilled personal fleeing the Political and economic situation.

But if we all join hands as Zimbabweans and approach this as a national issue not partisan we will have regional support and i must say the use of regional influence is very vital in this whole struggle we need to work with our African counterparts(Organisation)and they will help in exposing this betrayal of the revolution by the Zanu PF.

Free-ZimYouth statement:Way forward for us Zimbabweans is not just to go onto the streets but is to give a clear audit of what we have failed and why we have failed.And we repeat this issue of ideology is a fundamental principle in any political strategy and has to be debated at National level inorder for us to progress.Having Zimbabwe being the only member which does not allow postal votes should not be taken easy by us Comrades in Diaspora and 2007 should be a new era of demanding our right to vote.

We really need to remind our African Comrades that AU and SADC was built on the basis of emancipating Africans from the shackle of oppression and to give the power to the ordinary Africans, it is no coincidence that the unification of Africa was and is so merely on the agenda of black empowerment. So peoples of Africa cannot but react to such a betrayal of their aspirations by the Zanu PF regime.

Free-ZimYouth paused as Tanzanian students in order to get into the Private Event the names used to get in are:Jambaja Navo,Junior Chinotimba,Vana ndeva Pamire,Simba Nderedu and Chatunga Gushungo.

Power To The People

Long live the dream of Martin Luther Jr

“They can jail,kill a revolutionary but can’t jail,kill a revolution”

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