UK committed to travel ban

LONDON - The British government expects that the travel ban on Zimbabwe's ruling elite and the arms embargo will be renewed when they expire next month, according to a debate this week in the House of Lords
Baroness Royall of Blaisdon told the House that the situation in Zimbabwe had worsened sin

ce the ban was renewed last February.
“Peaceful demonstrations have been violently disrupted, the economy continues to be grossly mismanaged and the opposition and independent media remain suppressed. Until democracy, the rule of law and full human rights are restored in Zimbabwe, it is right that Mugabe and his regime should continue to be isolated by the international community,” she said.
Asked whether there was any substance in recent media reports that Portugal and France were in favour of abandoning the measures, she said the British government was committed to maintaining solidarity with the “brave people of Zimbabwe”.
“Regarding the weakening of the European Union position, I maintain that the EU stands firmly in agreement on the crisis in Zimbabwe. We fully expect the ban to be renewed in February.” – Staff reporter

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