A Challenge to Young People

When addressing young people in South Africa, Nelson Mandela once said that: "The road stretches before us. We can be sure of obstacles, small and large, on that road. An 85-year-old can do much to help us advance but, in the end it is you - the youth - who hold the future of thi

s country in your hands.”
Though he was addressing South African youths, I believe that the message is equally relevant to the seemingly docile young Zimbabweans who for a long time have been reticent and taciturn instead of speaking out against repression, injustice and corruption.
My fundamental message to Zimbabwean youth is that we are the ones who hold the future of our country in our hands.
This explains why we have been variously referred to as turbines for growth, the light in the dark tunnel, the torch of development as some examples which could be extended many times over.
We have not really lived according to our responsibility as holders of this country’s future.
What have we done to contribute in a holistic manner to the creation of a free, just and democratic Zimbabwe?
Have we ever voiced our concern for the lack of the rule of law, gross human rights violations? What do we have to say about electoral fraud and the country’s constitution?
Answers to these questions require that we become active participants in societal processes and decisions. Without active and committed participation, we will continue to be used by people who do not have the interests of Zimbabweans at heart. If you agree with me that we hold the future of Zimbabwe in our hands then there is no doubt that we will have to retrace our steps to where we have gone astray and resume our journey from there.
The challenge to my fellow youth is that we must cultivate the awareness that we are all members of the Zimbabwean community and that we share a common mission and the responsibility for the future of our country.
The realization of a free, just and democratic Zimbabwe depends on an awakening of consciousness on the part of each individual member of our society. We all have this common mission that we must fulfill. Democracy will be achieved when every member of our society becomes aware of this common mission – when we all join together for our common purpose.
Parents, teachers and society were undoubtedly the educators of children in the 20th century, and the children were always in the position of being taught. But in this, the 21st Century, adults shall learn from the wonderful qualities that we posses as youth, qualities such as purity, innocence, radiance, wisdom and intuition, to inspire and uplift one another.
We, as young people shall forever play a leading role in the creation of a free, just and democratic Zimbabwe for a bright future. Aluta Continua! The struggle continues unabated!

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