A new type of dissident

KADOMA - Pius Wakatama, a good friend for many years and one of Zimbabwe's foremost thinkers and intellectuals as well as a writer, is one of the Christian leaders arrested. He was separated from the majority and taken to the central police station where he found himself locked up

with 30 others in a cell designed for four. Standing room only.
My wife was locked up under similar circumstances last year – she was with 23 others in a cell and said they could not all lie down at night at one time.
Pius led the entire cell population in prayers and in singing well-known hymns and after 24 hours in the cell, he asked to be moved to another cell.
“Why?” The police asked, “All those in my present cell have become Christians and now support the Alliance. I need a new congregation to work with!” Pius responded.
This time the Mugabe regime better sit up and take note, they are now dealing with a new type of dissident!

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