CIO flood Jozi to spy on deserters-(15-02-07)

JOHANNESBURG - As thousands of both Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) and Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) members desert the security force, it emerged this week that the Zanu (PF) government has deployed a team of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operatives alongside the Milita

ry Police (MP) to keep the deserters under surveillance.
The CIO operatives and military police personnel deployed in Johannesburg and Pretoria are understood to have been trained by former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) spy agency, the notorious KGB.
Investigations by CAJ News revealed that majority of the CIO operatives were staying in Braamfontein, while a few others had been deployed in Soweto, Hillbrow, Yeoville and Sandton.
Some are believed to have enrolled at the University of Witwatersrand. A visit to Devonshire Hotel, Parktonian, Hillbrow Inn and several nightspots, including Summit, Diplomat and Ambassador Hotels, revealed the presence of many operatives masquerading as clients to get female commercial sex workers for the night.
A former female police sergeant, who is now into full time prostitution in Johannesburg, told CAJ News that she was interrogated for deserting the police force.
“I was shocked to see these men when I was about to go up to the third floor with my client. Immediately I knew that they were assigned to follow us in South Africa,” she said.
A former military radiographer and a captain at Inkomo Barracks in Harare told CAJ News that he was interrogated on Wednesday last week about why he had deserted the army. He said he saved himself from being taken back to Zimbabwe by threatening to organise the shooting of the three military police interrogators.
“They only set me free when I had threatened to phone my guys in Soweto and Hillbrow to take them out. They could have taken me back to Inkomo Barracks in Harare for military punishment. One has to undergo the court martial when you are tried for being unpatriotic. Remember the full bench will be composed of military judges and prosecutors and once you are convicted, that’s the end of you. So, come hell come thunder, I am not going anywhere. I am prepared to die here in South Africa,” said former army captain, who only preferred to be called Cde Zvichapera VaMugabe.
A senior CIO operative reported being shocked when he was questioned as to what he was doing in Braamfontein. “I’m no longer with the CIO. I left in 2006,” he said.
Several MDC activists, who fled Mugabe’s misrule, say they live in fear following the arrival of the CIO and the military police. – CAJ News

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