Justice system collapses-(15-02-07)

MASVINGO - The justice delivery system in the country continues in free fall amid revelations that the high court in Masvingo has no capacity to clear its lengthy backlog of murder cases over the past three years citing cash squeeze on the part of the government.
High Court Judge, Justice Tendai

Uchena, officially opening the first session of the High Court here this week, said that because of the cash crisis bedevilling the ministry of justice the court would only hear 33 cases this year, leaving 103 unattended.
Masvingo has the highest number of murder cases in the country with a staggering backlog of 136 Cases. Last year the third session of the high court circuit failed to sit after government was unable raise funds for transport and accommodation for a judge from Harare.
Officially opening the first session of high court in Harare last month, Judge President Rita Makarau hit out at government saying it was deliberately underfunding the judiciary. – Herbert Dapi

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