Majongwe’s house raided by the police (2-2-07)

Scores of police officer

s from the Law and Order Section at Harare Central Police
Station stormed Raymond
Majongwe’s house at around 5.00am yesterday .
They demanded to speak to Mr Majongwe who was reported to be out of town by his wife.

The police are reported to have then harrased MrsMajongwe threatening her with arrest
if she did not disclosed where precisely Majongwe was.
They are said to have indicasted that they were going to detain her until Mr Majongwe showed up.
They were accusing Mrs Majongwe of refusing to cooperate with law enforcing agents.

After a protracted exchange of words the police officers are said to have confiscated
Mrs Majongwe’s identity documents and left with a stern demand that
Raymond reports
to the Harare Central Police Station at
8 am without fail.

No reasons were given for the police’s interest in Majongwe.
The issue is is reported to be now in the hands of Majongwe’s lawyers who are said to have
already been in touch with the
Law and Order Section at Harare Central.

Raymond Majongwe is the Secretary General of the Progressive Teachers Union

of Zimbabwe (PTUZ).He has been arrested, detained, beaten, prosecuted (but

not convicted) on numerous occasions for engaging in peaceful protests.

He has been advocating for the recognition of for workers rights as human rights
and the return to democracy in

PTUZ members throughout the country and mainly in rural areas such

as Midlands and Mashonaland East have been victimized and driven out of

their places of employment for associating with PTUZ, and allegedly

receiving radios.


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