NCO opens office in Jozi(01-02-07)

JOHANNESBURG - The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), a coalition of civic society groups, churches, political parties and individuals that fight for a people-driven constitution in Zimbabwe has opened an office in South Africa to cater for an estimated population of about 3 million Zimbabweans

now based here following their displacement by the Mugabe regime.
“This office will take the constitutional issues to the exiled and displaced communities, as any national debate that ignores one fifth of its population is bound to be an unrepresentative one. It will also minimize potential for state monitoring and interference by the Zimbabwean government and its agents,” said Tapera Kapuya, a Zimbabwean national who assisted the NCA to set up the office.
“Opinion among South Africans has shifted, and the idea that the government of Zimbabwe remains true to anti-apartheid revolutionary principles has been replaced with a more realistic idea of the problems and abuses of this government,” he added.
The office will not only serve as a platform for Zimbabweans to get involved in drafting a new constitution but it will also provide access to research materials and foster intellectual freedom that will hopefully lead to innovative and effective ways of addressing political and socio-economic problems Zimbabwe is facing today.
“Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, like most people back home, may be focused on mere survival issues and unwilling to put themselves at risk by engaging in the struggle. But if a new constitution is not crafted with speed, the sitting government will continue to close the democratic space as it has total power in the country,” said Kapuya. – NCA Info office

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