Newcabinet another sad joke for Zimbabwe-(15-02-07)

(NCA Spokesperson)
There is absolutely nothing new to expect from President Mugabe's newly appointed cabinet - comprising as it does deadwood handpicked from his endless list of loyalists. The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) condemns in the strongest terms the continuo

us abuse of constitutional provisions by the president that allows him to single handedly appoint cabinet ministers on the basis of patronage and bootlicking.
We are also concerned with the president’s narrow-minded selection of cabinet ministers that exclude the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). Regardless of the fact that the opposition is significantly represented in parliament, the president continues to turn a blind eye when it comes to cabinet appointments and, resorts to recycling his cronies.
Mugabe is stretching the patience of peace-loving Zimbabweans and his newly appointment cabinet is a clear sign of a regime that is desperately clinging to power at all costs. The government is bankrupt of ideas and it is pitiable that the head of state believes that change can only come through shuffling old politicians who lost in elections.
The appointment of people like Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, who was rejected by the people in parliamentary elections, is a clear arrogant stance by the president. His new appointments do not consider the wishes of the people of Zimbabwe. The issue is not about the leaders in offices but it goes back to the aspect of bad systems and structures that are being used to govern the country. We urge President Mugabe and his government to consider seriously the issue of constitutional reform as the only way of resolving the crisis of governance in the country.
The previously reshuffled cabinet failed under the supervision of Mugabe and we cannot believe that the newly appointed cabinet will perform well under the same system, managed by the same failed head of state.
The only honorable thing that we expect from him is to resign and listen to the plight of ordinary Zimbabweans who are languishing in dire poverty.
The NCA urges all Zimbabweans to join protests against a government that has lost its mandate of protecting the wishes and interest of its own people. It’s now time to fight for our freedom as we cannot continue to observe Mugabe running Zimbabwe like his own personal tuckshop.
We will not rest until we realize a new Zimbabwe where leaders are democratically elected and not handpicked. A new democratic people driven constitution is the only starting point for building a foundation for democracy and good governance in Zimbabwe.

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