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The beauty of life in Zimbabwe is still being able to whisk your children away at the drop of a hat and within an hour they can experience an Africa that most foreign children will only watch on A

nimal Planet or National Geographic. Situated along the Enterprise road from Harare is a place where children can be enthralled for hours on end, a place where the pressures of living in Harare are wiped away in an instant, albeit only for a day.
Bally Vaughan Bird and Game sanctuary is situated on the 21km peg on the Shamva Road where thirty acres of land has been set aside for a bird and game sanctuary and a further thousand acres developed as a game park and safari lodge. Bally Vaughan Bird and Game Sanctuary was founded in 1992 by the late Robin McIntosh and his wife Kathie as a safe haven for all species of wildlife. Here numerous pets from farms, orphaned and disabled animals, birds and a large variety of plains game including buffalo and giraffe can be found. Bally Vaughan offers affordable access to Zimbabweans who wish to appreciate and learn more about our wildlife heritage. With nominal entrance fees from as little as Z$5 000 per adult and Z$2 000 per child it is evident that Bally Vaughan is a non-profit organization. All proceeds go towards the upkeep of the animals and donations and sponsorship are always most welcome, see for their wish list.
After parking your car in Bally Vaughan’s parking area, the pathway you follow takes you through a myriad of well kept and maintained pens and cages where animals from lions and leopards through to tortoises and guinea pigs can be found. Adequate time needs to be set aside for your children to soak up everything that there is to see! Proceeding on from the cages, refreshments can be found at the tea room and restaurant. When we paid a visit last year we were greeted by friendly donkeys, mischievous mongooses, goats, ducks and geese to name but a few.
Other activities available include horse-back safaris, pony rides, fishing in the dam and guided tours of the wildlife sanctuary. Situated in front of the restaurant is a large open space leading down to the river where a natural swimming pool can be found. In the late afternoon the elephants from the game sanctuary are brought down for all to see. These mammals are well trained and in the know for the extra funding needed to sustain their tranquil habitat as they extend their trunks towards onlookers and gently take money from well wishers to ‘hand’ back to their trainer for a welcome reward. You have been warned; take some change and support a good cause.
Day trips are also on offer at Bally Vaughan where your day will begin at 9.30 in the morning with a guided tour around the sanctuary. Following on from this tour you will experience the thrill of an elephant ride, a sedate hour long canoe trip down the river and an afternoon game drive. Somewhere in-between this personalized bush experience a scrumptious lunch is served. To book please email [email protected].
Bally Vaughan is certainly a welcome relief to Harare’s daily hardships and well worth a visit for anyone looking for a reason as to why living in Zimbabwe is a unique privilege.
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