Villagers drown crossing Limpopo(01-02-07)

CHIKOMBEDZI - About 45 villagers from Chikombedzi communal lands under Chief Sengwe have been swept away by the flooding Limpopo River whilst attempting to cross the crocodile-infested river to South Africa.
According to two survivors who spoke to CAJ News 45 were men and five were women.

e was no immediate police report from the local police, but officers at the nearby Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) base confirmed the death of 40 people.
“Our investigations have showed that at least 40 villagers might have been washed away by the Limpopo River. These people cannot be traced. Police are doing their work, but we have our own investigations,” said one CIO operative.
One of the survivors, Tsikani Tshitshlangu, said she and others were attempting to illegally cross Limpopo River to look for employment in the commercial farms of South Africa when they were swept away.
The latest death toll comes a week after two men from Gezani village under chief Sengwe drowned in the same river whilst attempting to illegal cross to South Africa to look for employment. – CAJ News

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