‘We don’t recognize POSA’ – Maduhuku tells cops

HARARE - Lovemore Madhuku, chairman of the National Constitutional Assembly, was arrested and detained at his Harare residence last week. He was released following two hours of interrogation at Harare Central police station.
His arrest came a few days after heavily armed police arrested seven le

aders of the Christian Alliance in Kadoma.
Madhuku told the police that there was no need for any organization to seek police clearance in order to hold a public demonstration.
The NCA has said it is determined to sacrifice ‘life and limb’ to secure a people-driven constitution for Zimbabwe.
“We reaffirm our commitment to fight this tyranny to the bitter end and express our profound solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe. The only way to have a democratic future is through fearless and consistent struggle and no amount of repression or brutality will stand in the way of our resolve to have a new democratic constitution,” says the organisation’s spokesman, Tapera Kapuya.
The police insisted to Madhuku that the NCA was obliged to apply for police permission to demonstrate prior to any action being taken. Maduku maintained that there was no need to seek such clearance, particularly from a partisan police force that had clearly declared its alignment to the ruling party.
“The NCA took the opportunity to express disappointment at the way in which the police reacted to the demonstrations. One of the NCA members was badly tortured by the police last week and she is still recovering in hospital,” said the NCA in a statement.
“For as long as the police behave like government puppets, they will not get the respect that they are crying for from the NCA. We don’t believe in asking for permission to demonstrate for a new constitution. The police expect too much from the NCA if they expect its members to comply with draconian laws to which we are totally opposed.
“We will continue to engage the government through street protests and we don’t recognize laws that undermine our basic freedoms of association and expression,” said the statement. Solidarity or support messages can be extended to Dr Madhuku on +263 11 608 692 or email: [email protected] – Staff reporter

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