Youths voice frustrations

SPRUIT - The Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Action Support Group, an MDC youth group based in Johannesburg, Remember Moyo, says his organisation is demanding a new government with a new president before 2008 or else they will remove Mugabe.
"There is no way Mugabe his going to prolong his reign. Th

is is not a threat but a fact by April next year I tell you Zimbabwe will be ungovernable, and if Mugabe does not pave way for a peaceful solution then we are prepared to take him head on.There is no way we can deal with the dictator in a soft way. If he wants to be forcefully removed from power then let it be,” said Moyo.
This is not the first time such a statement has been made. The founding MDC president, Morgan Tsvangirai was once questioned by the police in Harare for allegedly making a statement the authorities regarded as inciting supporters to oust Mugabe by force.
He was quoted at the time as saying: “Mugabe should go peacefully, when you
do not go peacefully you will go violently.”
Many Zimbabweans support Moyo’s stance.
“If Zanu (PF) refuses to use this chance to step down from power we warn them that they wont be any negotiations beyond 2008. We urge Mugabe to listen for once. We are fed up with him. How can he continue clinging on to power when millions of Zimbabweans have left the country because of him?” said one of the youths.
Moyo went on to castigate Zimbabwean organisations based in SA, saying they were only there to fill their pockets with donor money that is supposed to be used in the activism projects.
“All the Zimbabwean organisations in SA are useless. They are given money for activism, but instead they use it to fly in and out of the country, holding useless conferences and running up hotel bills that yield nothing at the end of the day. The cars they drive make us wonder whether they really want democracy in Zimbabwe, or they want the octagenarian to cling to power forever as they are benefiting from his rule,” said Moyo angrily
Lovemore Chikwandiwa the chairperson of the Tsvangirai-led MDC in Pretoria said the youth of Zimbabwe based here were prepared to do anything that would bring democracy in Zimbabwe.
“We are tired of roaming the world like nomads. We are prepared to take the bull by its horns. We have been intimidated for too long and Mugabe has made it sure that we don’t rise against him. But we have realised that democracy in Zimbabwe will never be offered on a silver platter,” Chikwandiwa said. – Magugu Nyathi

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