Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 3rd February 2007

LONDON - It was great to have Jeff back with us. He was released after serving half of a nine-month sentence for having a bogus passport. He looked better than ever and blamed this on the good food he'd had in Canterbury Jail!
The sunny day brought a good crowd of supporters in

cluding people from Wolverhampton, Bradford, Leeds, Blackburn, Manchester, Birmingham, Sussex and Luton, and Catherine Feeny visiting us from the Bristol Vigil. People in London struggled with public transport today.
Everyone was kept busy either with the singing and dancing and drumming or with sending our “Make Mugabe History – Free Zimbabwe” postcards to Mugabe for his birthday. We posted a batch to him last week and we have even more to send him this week. Some of the messages: “Happy birthday, you are way past retirement age – go with grace! You are not our president you did not win a democratic election”, “Time is up. Can’t you see the suffering masses?”, “Rob, it’s time to admit you have failed us!! For our sake please leave office before your next birthday, (signed) hungry angry exile”.
Among the hundreds of people who passed by were many Scotsmen in rugby shirts and kilts – by the end of the day they were pouring into pubs to drown their sorrows as Scotland lost to England in the Six Nations rugby match.
For this week’s Vigil pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zimbabwevigil/
FOR THE RECORD: 76 signed the register.
FOR YOUR DIARY: Central London Zimbabwe Forum. Monday, 12th February, 7.30 pm. The speakers will be Promise Mkwananzi, President of ZINASU (Zimbabwe National Students Union) and Washington Katema, Co-ordinator of ZINASU.

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