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Helping hand for Zim Jewry
By Trevor Grundy
Leaders of Zimbabwe's tiny Jewish community have been told by representative of World Jewry that in times of 'real need' they will be helped, with special attention for the welfare of elderly Jews in need of medical help.
At the end of a visit to

Harare, Bulawayo, Johannesburg and Cape Town, the Vice President of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) in Washington DC, Mr Stephen Schwager, said Jews must understand that they are members of an international community.
“The Jews living (in Zimbabwe) are similar to the remnant communities in other countries we serve, such as Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria.
“They are far from the major Jewish centres and they need to know that world Jewry will be there to help in times of real need. In the interim, our visit has shown that they are not alone.”
“As you can well imagine, pensioners and all those without access to hard currency have seen radical declines in their standard of living. Several of the Jewish elderly are making ends meet by having their children send money to them from abroad, which can be exchanged at the black-market rate.
“However, both the Harare and Bulawayo communities are troubled by what could happen if a poor, elderly Jew needed significant medical help or medicines that are only available outside the country.”
The JDC executive report said the Jewish community in Zimbabwe numbers about 300. At Independence, Jews numbered around 8,000.

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