Diamond field disaster( 01-03-07)

Two of Zimbabwe's largest rivers, the Save and the Odzi, are under severe threat from siltation following illegal diamond mining activities at Chiadzwa village in Manicaland.
The high returns from the illicit diamond trade has seen top officials in the Zimbabwe

National Army and the Zimbabwe Republic Police commanders involved, while poverty stricken Zimbabweans regard the diamonds as their salvation.
This rush for diamonds has resulted in environmental degradation to levels unparalleled in Zimbabwe’s landscape, laying bare a 40-kilometre stretch of land where recent rains have washed tons of soil into the rivers.
“The sight of these two once-mighty rivers will become something of the past as the siltation will eventually kill them,” said Harry Douglas Ronalds, an environmentalist doing research on the impact of diamond mining in the region..
Felix Chiundura of the Ministry of Tourism said Chiadzwa diamond fields resembled a sorry state of degradation.
“Such a level of illegal excavation calls for urgent attention from all stakeholders. It is a disaster,” he said. – CAJ News

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