Idle talk, bootlicking – that’s the Senate

HARARE - Trivial issues, bootlicking and idle talk has been characterizing debate in Zimbabwe's Upper House of Parliament, with the Senate - colloquially referred as "Island Hospice" because it is stuffed with tired Zanu (PF) apologists - clearly failing to articulate serious policy issu

The February 20 Hansard documents discussions on President Mugabe’s State of the Nation address. There seems to be an obsession with trivia among members.
Masvingo Senator Dzikamai Mavhaire says: “I stand up to support the speech given by the President in his State of the Nation address. I also support the sentiments raised by the girls and women who spoke before me.”
Senate President Edna Madzongwe calls a point of order and says: “There are no girls and women in this House. Please withdraw your statement.”
To which Mavhaire acknowledges: “I withdraw. Thank you madam President for the words which have been said by the Honourable Senators.”
This fixation with trivia while the country is looking to the Senate to discuss viable turnaround policies to stem the country’s bleeding economy smacks of serious dereliction of duty.
Chirumanzu-Kwekwe-Silobela Senator Vongai Muchengeti told the House: “I would want to perhaps congratulate fellow Senators who have been elevated to high positions. These are Hon Senator (Tracy) Mutinhiri, Senator (Aguy) Georgias and Hon Senator (Samuel) Mumbengegwi. I think now the budget is going to be presented in this House.”
(Hear hear. Laughs)
The three senators were promoted by Mugabe into his Development Cabinet last month. Senators failed dismally to critique Mugabe’s State of the Nation address, reinforcing the view that they were “yes men and women.”
Some of the contributions were downright dishonest given the deepening crisis in Zimbabwe.
Said Senator Majuru: “Government recorded some success through the establishment of the National Economic Development Priority Programme, the pursuance of bilateral agreements with friendly countries such as China, the continued to drive to mechanize agriculture as well as the issuing of 99-year lease.”
Nothing could be further from the truth.
All the Senators’ contributions were laced with groveling messages for Mugabe.
Said Senator Chimene: “Our president is a hard worker who is the locomotive which is pulling a long trail which include thieves, thugs and those people with bad habits.”

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