MDC wants unity – Bhebhe

The MDC's Mutambara faction has expressed a need for unity in the party. Speaking to The Zimbabwean last week the faction's deputy secretary for information, Abedinico Bhebhe, said people should expect unity in the party just like in any other relationship.
"Just like in a marriag

e a husband and a wife can divorce but they can still come back together after resolving their differences”, said Bhebhe.
Both factions have recently been attacked by state law enforcement agents. “They have come to realise that neither Tsvangirai nor Mutambara is the enemy of Zimbabwe, but that the current regime which is brutalising its own people is the one worth fighting,” said Bhebhe.
He confirmed that his faction would not going participate in any election unless the proper tools for a free and fair elections were put into place,
“We are saying no to elections which are not free and fair,” he said. National Constitutional Assembly chairperson, Lovemore Madhuku, said he was confident that both MDCs would boycott elections if proper democratic measures were not put in place.
“I think they have learnt from their past mistakes. Repeating them is a non starter,” said Madhuku. – Trust Matsilele

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