New law targets disapora( 01-03-07)

HARARE - The government is moving to cut to five years from seven, the time in which a citizen could stay out of the country "without lawful excuse" before losing Zimbabwean citizenship - a law against dual citizenship that will hit hundreds of thousands in the diaspora.
Official sources said th

e Mugabe regime had been forced to tighten the rules to sideline opponents hiding under dual citizenship and to reverse the massive skills flight to neighbouring and Western countries.
An amendment to the Citizenship Act is expected to be tabled soon in Parliament.
The move comes after the government threatened to withdraw passports from critics, including newspaper publisher Trevor Ncube and firebrand teachers unionist Raymond Majongwe.
Comment from Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede was unobtainable but informed sources said the amendment was necessitated by a Harare Court ruling in favour of Ncube’s test case that the law prohibiting dual citizenship was impractical as it did not contain a provision requiring a person to present evidence of having renounced any other citizenship. – Gift Phiri

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