Resist ZINWA – Gweru Mayor( 01-03-07)

GWERU - The takeover of water and sewerage services by the quasi-government water body, ZINWA, is part of a well-orchestrated plan by the Zanu (PF) government to weaken opposition local authorities, says Sesel Zvidzai, shadow MDC Local Government minister.
Zvidzai, who is also Mayor of Gweru, sa

id this was the latest in a series of attempts by Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo to usurp the powers of elected municipal administration and impose commissions stuffed with ruling party supporters.
Zvidzai said the continued erosion of delegated responsibilities from local authorities to central government needed to be resisted.
“Over the years communities have invested in the water delivery infrastructure,” Zvidzai said. “The question that begs for answers is whether ZINWA would just takeover the investments from the people and make money out of the same investments without compensating the communities for the cost investments.”
Zvidzai said the takeover of water administration by ZINWA would make water unaffordable.
“The handover of this utility to a commercial entity such as parastatals entails delivery of the water at commercial and profitable rates and hence at costs unaffordable to the majority of the people,” Zvidzai said. – Gift Phiri

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