SA excludes Zim from World Cup plans( 01-03-07)

President Robert Mugabe's lust for power, which has precipitated a tense political environment and dire economic recession, means the country will not cash in on the 2010 World Cup Soccer. Political and economic leaders in the SADC region are excluding Zimbabwe from plans for the soccer ex

Host country South Africa is cooperating actively with other countries in infrastructure development, tourism marketing and general stability, leaving out Zimbabwe because of the rogue regime of Mugabe.
Sources involved in spearheading South Africa’s preparations for the event spoke on condition of anonymity and said Harare needed to reform to avoid losing out on the opportunity.
“Look, some things can hardly be hidden, you cannot apply lipstick to a frog and hope to convince everyone,” a source said. “We are being challenged by the international community to explain the situation in Zimbabwe and provide guarantees that it won’t affect the soccer event. Unless the government stops what’s going on, the truth is that we will avoid Zimbabwe’s inclusion.”
The local soccer body is as chaotic and bankrupt as is Mugabe’s regime. – Itai Dzamara

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