Shangaan elders against Zanu (PF) insult

A high-powered delegation of disgruntled, elderly Shangaan-speaking traditional is in South Africa to rally support from their sons and daughters against Mugabe's tyranny.
The leaders, from Chiredzi south, arrived here last week to meet President Thabo Mbeki and Reserve Bank Governor

of South Africa Tito Mboweni. They want to brief them about the disrespect shown to local chiefs by the ruling Zanu (PF) party which recently imposed legislators on them.
Mboweni is Shangaan, and Mbeki’s mother is believed to be also from the tribe, with strong links to the people of Chikombedzi and Sengwe Communal lands under chief Sengwe in Chiredzi south.
The delegation first met with their sons and daughters, who are academics, professionals, students and activists in Alexander, Johannesburg, before going to Pretoria to book an appointment with the president.
The headmen, who visited the CAJ News Agency offices in Braamfontein on Thursday, insisted they needed another by-election, to be financed by their own sons and daughters working is SA. They said the salary of a democratically elected Member of Parliament (MP) for their area would be paid in Rands by these members of the tribe.
“Hikarhale hikusheluziwa hiZanu PF. Svesve hahihava tamo nematimba hikuva Satan uhingenele tikweni rahina. Svaatsva eku hiendla mamnwani maelections lawa hitohumesa timali taMP hihitsutsekile svinene. Kahle-kahle amovha yaMP ishaviwe Johannesburg,” (We are sick and tired of this dictatorship which has since become a cancer by Zanu (PF). We no longer have powers because of this devil, animal called Zanu (PF).)
They said Mugabe’s tribal sidelining of minorities was increasingly a grave cause for concern. “Today it is Chiredzi and tomorrow it will be Beitbridge, Chipinge, Binga and Plumtree, so we are saying no to this nonsense. We have been supporting Zanu (PF) since 1980 up to now, but what they did to impose Gwanetsa on us is a clear insult. We will conduct our own fresh and independent by-elections involving MDC, UPP, Zanu (PF) and independent candidates. The election has already received the financial backing from our sons and daughters here in SA,” said one elder, who only identified himself as Mangezi.
The candidates likely to contest are Ndlela Chauke, Elisha Kwinika, Miyethani Chauke the United People’s Party (UPP) and Emmaculate Makondo of the MDC (Tsvangirai).
Mangezi said the 250 000 Shangaan tribal members in SA had pledged R25 million (about Z$225 billion) a month to fund drugs for clinics and hospitals in the constituency, construction of bridges, boreholes, upgrading of roads, and installation of electricity.
“I think we can do without Zanu (PF) until the 2010 parliamentary election,” said a fuming Mangezi. – CAJ News

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