ZTV tries to counter Tekere claims( 01-03-07)

Former Zanu (PF) secretary general, Edgar Tekere's revelations in his book, A Lifetime of Struggle, have hit the party's leader where it hurts most - alleging his reluctance and cowardice during the war of liberation.
The Zimbabwean has established that an angry Mugabe ordered his propa

gandists to come up with “very concerted efforts” to counter Tekere’s claims and to portray Mugabe as a true war. To that end state-controlled television has flooded the airwaves with archival material in a desperate attempt to exonerate him.
“People have been assigned to spend many hours digging in the archives for material that portrays the old man in a positive light with regards to his involvement during the war. A directive has been given that these clips must be shown as often as possible during prime time viewing,” said a senior ZTV official.
ZTV viewers have of late been forced to watch a barrage of outdated, and in most cases inaudible, file tapes showing occasions when Mugabe appeared to be championing the war.
ZTV is also insulting the intelligence of its viewers by showing ridiculous clips of the occasions when Mugabe was elevated to power in the guerrilla movement, with some voice over added to portray the aging leader as a true hero who was propelled to the top on the basis of virtue and commitment. Old newspaper clips are also being shown.
Tekere alleged that Mugabe was an opportunist, who was rather reluctant not only to join the war, but to commit himself into the risks that came along with the guerrilla warfare. He has also alleged that Mugabe was regarded by eminent heroes of the struggle such as the late Josiah Tongogara as “sly and dishonest”. – Itai Dzamara

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