Advocate Matinenga roped in to assist in the Hischmann case (26-06-07)

By Sydney Saize
MUTARE – PROMINENT attorney advocate Eric Matinenga has this week been roped in to assist in the defence team of Peter Hischmann who faces charges of treason.

Advocate Matinenga now assists Mutare-based lawyer Trust Maanda is making the de

fence of former special constabulary policeman, Hitschmann. Advocate Matinenga also with him Dzimbahwe Chibwa to complete the top table defence team.

The second session of the High Court of Zimbabwe opened in Mutare yesterday and Hitschmann took off today with the new two additions on his defence.

Justice Elfas Chitakunye is being assisted by assessors Merrs Magorokosho and Chidawanyika and is expected to deal with trial cases until next week.

Hitschmann, a former police constabulary is accused of attempting to assassinate President Mugabe, and of illegally keeping arms of war.

The State is alleging Hitschmann, aged 46, violated provisions of section 10 (1) of the controversial Public Order and Security Act (POSA) by acquiring the weapons with the intention of killing President Mugabe.

Hitschmann through his defence attorneys is denying the charges.

The defence will argue that he is a registered arms dealer and was thus entitled to have weapons on his property.

Today state witnesses superintendent Joshua Dhliwayo, of the Criminal Investigations Department (Law and Order) gave his evidence in chief in court and stated he could not fully record all the discovered and seized weapons.

He said an assortment of weapons was found though he failed to record all of then owing to a shortage of time.

During cross examination from advocate Matinenga he conceded that it was improper for him not to note all the firearms found at Hitschmann’s home.

Another state witness detective constable Onesimo Makusha called to testify said he was only instructed to collect some firearms from one Major Phiri in Masvingo and was not in the light of why he was told to take some firearms from Hitschmann to Masvingo and back again.
The trial continues.-CAJ News

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