ALERT! ZINWA Lies to Residents (27-06-07)

Harare- THE Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) has once again been caught in its own trap of lying to its consumers. A potential disease outbreak of diarrhoea and dysentery will have disastrous consequences.

The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, the Ministry of Water and

Infrastructural Development and the City of Harare have remained quite when they must be taking urgent precautionary measures to address the pending disaster before lives are lost. In 2005, nearly 26 lives were lost due to cholera and dysentery after both the health ministry and the City of Harare failed to take heed of CHRA’s recommendations.

Residents of Glen View, Glen Norah, Msasa Park, Budiriro, and Kuwadzana have still not got water for bathing and consumption, despite ‘assurances’ from the disgraced waster authority that water would be readily available by midnight.

In an interview with the State-controlled Newsnet on Monday evening, Lisben Chipfunde, the ZINWA General Manager said the water authority was in the process of repairing a pump which overheated last Saturday.

Chipfunde lied. The residents of the affected suburb have been drinking water from open water sources since Friday, creating a potential health crisis, while Chipfunde and the rest of the incompetent managers at ZINWA draft lies after lies to explain their gross failure to address the pertinent issue of water supply and administration.

CHRA remains shocked that ZINWA’s officials can still continue to offer explanations when it is apparent that they do not have the capacity to provide sewerage and water services to residents of Harare .

Zimbabwe’s Parliament and Senate have both recommended that President Mugabe’s Cabinet should revisit its ill-advised decision to allow ZINWA to take over water supply, administration, treatment and billing and sewer reticulation from local authorities.

Residents have run out of patience. The Association has been receiving calls from disgruntled residents who have indicated that they may be forced to go on the streets in protest against the continued failure by ZINWA and the City of Harare to provide clean and adequate water to residents, and also for their continued exposure to flowing sewerage in their homes. No to ZINWA!

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