Anti-hijack update

Hijackings have been rife in the town centre and surrounding business areas. A gang working in these areas has been apprehended, with one perpetrator deceased, one in serious condition; and others in custody. The vehicle concerned extensively damaged. This gang was re

sponsible for other hijackings. Let’s hope that stiff sentences are handed out. Smash and grabs are still in evidence, but seem to be on the decrease.
House robberies have been reported in Mount Pleasant, Borrowdale, Highlands/The Grange and Belvedere. With the power cuts we are experiencing it’s vital to keep alarms and batteries in good working order and checked on a regular basis. Please remember to keep windows and doors locked especially in areas not occupied, and where possible kept closed during the evenings and nights.
We are back to total confusion especially in peak hours at major traffic lights. Please adhere to the rules of the road, and be courteous. There seems to be a free for all and survival of the largest or the most dangerous – causing great congestion and then wasted time on traffic jams. It would seem a good suggestion that the Traffic Section and Zesa liaise so that these lights be manned by the police in the peak hours. Unnecessary accidents occurring at these sites – a costly extra we all could do without.
TEL/FAX: HARARE 04-309870 /091 221 921
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