Convent parents shun Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe came face to face with the contempt that the majority of Zimbabweans now have for him when he visited a top-class school attended by his daughter, Bona, on Friday afternoon and some parents walked away from him.
With other parents, Mugabe visited the Dominican C

onvent her for consultation day, but not only did he attract all the attention, he left an embarrassed man.
Our CAJ News correspondent witnessed many parents leaving the school in a huff after Mugabe had arrived late in the afternoon. The daring ones blew the horns of their cars as they drove off before finishing the consultation.
“Look, he brings his people to intimidate and scare us here. Why can’t he stay at his State House where he exercises his dictatorship without disturbing our peace?” said one of the parents when Mugabe’s long motorcade arrived and caused a standstill at the school.
Teachers at the school were equally baffled by Mugabe’s unannounced presence at the school with most saying it brought unnecessary tension.
Even students couldn’t hide their resentment of Mugabe with some of them whispering among themselves describing how Mugabe now looks very old and demented. – CAJ News

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