Expanded senate will drain fiscus

The ruling party has come under strong condemnation from civic society for planning to expand the number of senators in the upper house by an unprecedented margin when it cannot even pay for offices and allowances for senators elected in 2005.
The Mugabe regime says it will incr

ease the number of senators from 66 to 84, but economists say that will further strain the national budget which is already catering for people who are not doing anything. The average age of these senators has been placed at 78 that also make them even less competent as most have been spotted dozing during proceedings.
The first Senate’s budget of 2005 was pegged at Z$60 million but since inflation has fallen by over 2000% since that time, a budget of even Z$100 billion would not even meet half of the required amount as the inflation figures are doubling by thousands every month.

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