Government set stage for a head-butt with manufactures (27-06-07)

THE Zimbabwean government has set the stage for serious clashes between manufacturers and retailers on the one hand as well as its violent terror troopers on the other, by unleashing Green Bombers onto the market to "deal with and arrest those overcharging goods".


of Industry and International Trade, Obert Mpofu defended the deployment of the products of the Zanu (PF) regime’s obnoxious national youth training service by saying:

“We are trying to help consumers from unwarranted and destructive price increases that have affected the economy. The youths and other security forces are merely doing a lawful duty and not
out to beat anyone.”

Green Bombers, some clad in blue overalls whilst others are moving in civilian clothes, have besieged major towns and cities and are threatening manufacturers as well as retailers that they accuse of charging prices of goods that are beyond those stipulated by government.

It is ultra-chaos following the declarations issued by government earlier this week that all prices that were above those it stipulated had to be slashed immediately.

The market has over the past two months experienced unprecedented increases in prices of
virtually all commodities and most are selling in supermarkets at more than 5000% above what the
government gazetted.

For example, government says a standard loaf of bread must sell at Z$900 but shops and supermarkets have hiked the price to Z$50 000.

Retailers have said there is no way they can slash the prices on the shop-floor when they are buying the goods at increased costs from manufacturers.

“They can’t start with us because we buy the goods from manufacturers and what do we do when we get there and they tell us the prices have gone up,” a manager at an OK Supermarkets branch in Harare’s CBD said.

Manufacturers have also said the Mugabe regime either has to go to hell or start manufacturing the goods itself.

“Look, it is a simple matter here. We do not just wake up and increase prices but everything is
necessitated by a host of issues which the government itself not only has control over, but is also aware of.

“Electricity, water and other inputs costs have all been rising on a regular basis and it is unfair to
then expect us in business to cushion the pressure and sell at reduced prices,” a director of a major manufacturing company, Blue Ribbon Foods Limited said.

CAJ News can reveal that the latest form of chaos on the Zimbabwean economic and social strata has already seen Green Bombers in Harare violently attacking a manager at a supermarket in Highfield high density suburb after he had closed the shop and they accused him of “sabotaging government”.

The manager was admitted at Harare General Hospital after sustaining serious head injuries-CAJ News.

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