Gula Ndebele insists on justice for MDC? (28-06-07)

Attorney General Sobusa Gula Ndebele has remained mum on the mystery surrounding his relationship with government which clearly took a nose-dive amid reports he was forced to go on leave.
But government sources have said that the AG refused to nail MDC activists a

nd is being relieved of his duties. The sources say a new AG will be announced soon as Gula Ndebele has been asked to “repent” or face the axe.
The source, a government minister privy to the goings-on, said that Gula Ndebele had shown rare guts in the Zanu (PF) establishment by resisting orders from Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa culminating to him being forced to go on leave.
Chinamasa is reported to have taken the AG to task over the crumbling state case against many MDC activists accused of orchestrating a wave of terror across the country through petrol bombs and violence. Gula Ndebele, a former intelligence officer and elections manager, reportedly told Chinamasa off and insisted that justice be allowed to take its course, and the MDC members had a right to be fairly judged.
“They clashed over the cases of terror against the MDC with Chinamasa having initially complained that they were not moving at the ‘right pace’ and then later fumed when it emerged that the accused people were being released and the cases collapsing,” the source said.
Efforts to obtain comment from Chinamasa were in vain as he didn’t answer his mobile phone and was said to be in meetings at his office.
Gula Ndebele has also shut himself away from the media with some sources linking the fall-out to political alignments within the Mugabe regime where the succession battle is further dividing the party.
Sources say Gula Ndebele has ruffled the feathers of many a top official in the ruling party through his reluctance to handle cases in a politically preferred manner – including those in which Chinamasa himself as well as State Security minister, Didymus Mutasa were arraigned before the courts.
But it is the case of MDC members that is said to have broken the camel’s back and opened the can of worms after it emerged that the Mugabe regime wanted the accused persons convicted to weaken the opposition ahead of the Mbeki dialogue and next year’s elections.
A total ban of the MDC was envisaged by the regime on the basis of convictions to those accused of terrorism.

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