Jurists demand return to rule of law

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) on Monday condemned the harassment of lawyers in Zimbabwe and urged the government to restore fundamental democratic principles that are pivotal for the rule of law in the country,
The mission also called on the government to control the police an

d hold them accountable when they abuse their rights and powers on the public.
Speaking at a press held in Johannesburg former ICJ president and Canada Supreme Court justice Claire L’Heureux-Dube said the Commission has observed that there is an escalation in the harassment of an intimidation of the legal profession, particularly those lawyers representing in opposition activists and other persons perceived to be unpopular with the government.
“The mission is highly disturbed that the unjustifiable harassment, detention and beating of lawyers have increased only the tension between the law society and the government. Such treatment is interfering with the proper functioning of the administration of justice, the role of lawyers and the independence and is making it difficulty for lawyers to act for clients viewed by the government as dissident”, she said. – Nokhuthula Khumalo

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