Letter to Constituents and Friends (19-06-07)

Dear Constituents and Friends

You will recall that I wrote to you in March that the regime has
cracked and
that the transition to a free and prosperous Zimbabwe is clearly
visible on
the horizon, although it may be some time before we can regain control
our liv

es through a new, democratically elected government.

Recent events, although both disturbing and frustrating, have confirmed
prediction. ZanuPF is fighting among itself – the “coup plot” is just
tip of the iceberg – but more importantly is busy doing all its usual
nonsense while the country is fallling headlong into serious economic
It has no solution whatsoever to this economic crisis. Indeed, when I
the Acting Leader of the House of Assembly (Mnangagwa!) a couple of
ago what NEW policy measures government was putting in place to deal
inflation, he stated quite unapologetically that they had no new policy
measures, but would let us know when they did!!

You will also recall my suggestion that you link up with friends and
neighbours as we face what lies ahead, because we need to stand
together and
help each other. This reaching out and mutual support appears to me
more important today, as we enter a period of serious difficulty for
most of
us. We simply can no longer cope with these prices – yesterday we
faced a
bus fare of $40,000 to get into town (80,000 to go from one side of
to another, 160,000 return), 120,000 for one litre of petrol, 25,000
for a
loaf of bread, 200,000 for a replacement key, 180,000 for a watch
battery –
and don’t forget that those thousands were MILLIONS this time last

What will it cost to get a plumber or an electrician or to get a car
repaired? What if we fall sick, or have an accident? Can we pay the
And who will make sure we are helped in hospital? Will there be any
on duty? Will they have the necessary medicines? Even if we can
afford the
school fees, will our children and grandchildren actually be taught
worthwhile at school?

This is the situation today, but what will it be in a month’s time, or
the end of the year? Serious economists have suggested our inflation
reach 1 MILLION % by November – and the American ambassador suggested
yesterday it would be 1,5 MILLION % by December!!

Clearly the country will no longer function in such a situation –
already it is not functioning properly in many spheres, as we know.
Therefore we have to help each other and make contingency plans, to be
prepared as we can be for any emergency or unrest. We are not a
country at
war, but we are in the kind of situation prevailing in a country at
war, and
we need to realise this and plan accordingly.

At home, make sure you always have some water stored, some candles and
matches, some emergency rations, etc. At neighbourhood level, see how
can help or get help with water, power, transport, emergency response –
one person with a vehicle could offer transport if another could
some fuel and another repair the vehicle, etc. If you can help the
the sick, the vulnerable in your neighbourhood, so much the better.
Families with members outside the country should alert those members
they may need assistance, and indicate what that assistance might be.

Do not leave your plans to the last minute, hoping that maybe it won’t
necessary. It probably WILL be necessary to react to various
emergencies in
the next few months, so BE PREPARED! Remember that those who are
are always in the lead.

The good thing about our situation is that we know that it is all part
the process of CHANGE. Don’t forget that you can play your part in
bringing about the positive change we all yearn for, both by being
to cope with emergencies and also by actively SPEEDING THAT CHANGE
How? One of the most effective ways is always to hit where it hurts –
pocket. Don’t buy from them, withdraw your business and take it
That alone would make a huge difference. Don’t believe that business
is not
political – in this country, everything is political!

Meanwhile also be prepared to vote, even if it means using the current
discredited system – so check that your name is on the voters roll, if
are entitled to vote. If you have changed your name or address,
those changes on the voters roll. Make sure your children and those of
friends, workmates and neighbours register as soon as they turn 18.

We can be sure that change is definitely on the way. There is no
in the history of the world which has ever survived inflation of the
magnitude forecast this year in Zimbabwe. So let us keep this in mind
as we
prepare ourselves and our families for the months that lie ahead –

Best wishes.
Trudy Stevenson MP
Harare North Constituency

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